An adult beverage that doesn’t get you drunk quickly, James Squire’s take on an alcoholic ginger beer is playful and fun, and urges you to keep drinking.

Ginger beer is one of those drinks can just make a day, and even though it’s not typically alcoholic, the bite it offers is often delightful. So if you can add some alcoholic punch, why not?

James Squire is making a variety of alcoholic ginger beer, arriving in a six pack for $26.99 in your typical Australian bottle-o, though you might find it at a discount, too.

We found it at a local BWS for a little less, trying it on a whim. The Squire name is one that evokes familiarity in beer, and so we figured it would be a decent bevy on a Sunday afternoon.

Turns out we were right.

An inviting drink, it’s not what you might expect it to be. While some alcohol ginger beers are labelled as “hard ginger beers” because of just how much alcoholic content is in them, the James Squire Alcoholic Ginger Beer is moderate and friendly by comparison.

James Squire Alcoholic Ginger Beer

It’s an adult beverage with bite that won’t leave you light headed.

Offering an alcoholic volume of 4 percent, it’s the equivalent of one drink per can, which seems especially fitting since it’s so flavourful, good luck stopping at just the one. At least it makes counting how many drinks you’ve had particularly easy.

The flavour is like your typical non-alcoholic ginger beer, the sort Bundaberg might produce, only with alcohol thrown in. We were quite surprised just how easy to drink it was, as one drink turned to two and three quite easily, making it all too easy to consume.

Frankly, we can see why Squire makes six packs of these, as they’re just that easy to drink.

James Squire Alcoholic Ginger Beer review

Will you remember this drink tomorrow morning?

Offering a bit of a zing without too much bite, James Squire's Alcoholic Ginger Beer is a drink you'll definitely remember tomorrow morning. We've started storing it in the fridge and it's now one of our favourite adult beverages.

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