What happens when the tart and sour flavour of raspberry is hit with the zing of ginger? You get Squire’s latest bevy, and it’s good. So good.

One of our favourite cans is getting a bit of an update, as James Squire changes its flavour slightly.

Spying a can of James Squire Ginger Beer is a regular thing in our fridge, as the drink is just so, so tasty, but it’s summer, and so you can trust an alcohol brand to try something different. ‘Tis the season, and all.

Squire’s latest play on its excellent ginger beer is something we didn’t see coming: a limited release of raspberry-infused ginger beer.

It makes sense on paper; ginger offers a playful zing, while raspberry is tart and sour, so shouldn’t clash one bit.

In reality, it works even better.

The hit of raspberry is obvious in Squire’s Raspberry Sour Ginger Beer, and it’s a welcome addition to the excellent flavour offered already. The only sad point is each can holds 330ml, so you’ll end up drinking a few throughout the course of a night, sure to recall it the next morning.

We hope this one sticks around beyond the “limited release” phrasing on the can. And if Squire is serious about the whole “limited” thing, we might have to buy a few cases just in case!

James Squire Ginger Beer Raspberry Sour review

Will you remember this drink tomorrow morning?

We will absolutely remember this tomorrow morning. Squire needs to keep this "limited release" can in its line-up for good. It's our new favourite bevy!

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