Another lolly turned drink, Billson’s is doing well to turn our childhood into our adulthood. Sour Cola gummies are the next to get the bevy treatment.

We’re always surprised by the Aussie drink maker’s ability to find the right blend of sweet and salt with its drinks, most of which seem to follow the same formula: cordial, vodka, and sparkling water.

Billson’s Sour Cola doesn’t deviate from the formula in any way, echoing what we’ve tasted in the crazy fun Fruit Tangle, but does let you taste a cordial that’s a clear interpretation of something you probably had when you were a kid: sour coke gummies.

You know the sort. The caramel and brown bottles coated in salty sugar that came in movie mix-ins. They’re a classic, and the sort of thing that isn’t easy to find anymore.

But Billson’s has turned it into a bevy. With vodka!

Billson's Sour Cola

It looks just like a regular cola, but smells a little different. And the taste is slightly sour, but still sweet. The combination is tart and sweet and nice yet strange.

This one didn’t grab us quite like the others, but it’s also not bad. And we found if you suck your tongue after taking a sip of Sour Cola, you get that harshness of the sour lolly you know should be there.

Billson's Sour Cola review

Will you remember this drink tomorrow morning?

Like all other Billson's beverages, Sour Cola is easy to like. There are better ones, but this is fun. It's definitely a lot more playful than your standard cola mixer.

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