An inexpensive wine with a taste that doesn’t demand too much, The Brothers Cab Sav is an easy red for your dinner table.

We’ve all had an experience with red wine, and when red wine falls below a certain price, it typically screams just what it’s that price. You know the drill: slightly acidic yet drinkable, wine made for budgets never quite tastes like it’s wine made to be enjoyed.

McGuigan’s The Brothers Cabernet Sauvignon could be a totally different affair because it actually is.

Priced between $12 and $19 depending on where you look, it’s a decent little red with an obvious berry taste, circling around blackberries and blackcurrant plus oak, even if those grapes haven’t been stored in wood for all that long.

McGuigan The Brothers Cabernet Sauvignon

McGuigan doesn’t seem to list the bottle on its site, but the synopsis on Dan Murphy’s seems to suggest it’s a wine that makes the jump between stainless steel and oak before being blended. That may account for the slightly bold wooden flavour this young wine offers, which is surprisingly easy to drink.

It’s more than drinkable, and is surprisingly good, even if it lacks complexity.

We’re reminded of McGuigan’s hard-to-find Single Batch cab sav with this one, and makes us think The Brothers could be the same drink under a different label, though it’s been some time since we enjoyed that bottle.

You won’t find a lot on the side of tears here, as the wine is fairly thin, but the flavour is definitely easy to drink, without too much acid and an easy finish.

We’ve been enjoying The Brothers Cab Sav with dinner or without, as it goes down easily and doesn’t ask too many questions, especially for the price.

McGuigan The Brothers Cabernet Sauvignon
There aren’t a whole lot of tears here, but given it’s not hard on the wallet, you won’t cry over the price, either. Boom tish.

McGuigan The Brothers Cabernet Sauvignon review

Will you remember this drink tomorrow morning?

The Brothers Cabernet Sauvignon is a decent little drop for not too much money. It tastes like it's a more expensive wine, but doesn't have the richness of higher priced drops. Still, we'd happily buy again simply because it tastes so much better than other wallet-friendly wines.

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