A cute bottle hides a surprisingly refreshing white, though it won’t leave you with any buzz.

Not everyone drinks to feel an effect, but if that’s why you do, the cute bottle of Sav Blanc from Tread Softly won’t likely be for you.

A $16 2021 Sauvignon Blanc we were curious about, we definitely judged this book by its cover, and found something surprising in how easy it was to drink, but also in the lower alcohol volume.

The bottle’s labelling is distinct: prints of flowers on the screw cap and back draw you in, and it’s actually the same on Tread Softly’s gin, which is the first time we encountered this brand.

Tread Softly Sauvignon Blanc

Managed by Fourth Wave Wine, which covers some other independent wines such as Little Giant, Bumblebee, Elefante, Rambling Roses, Theory of Evolution, and Wild Folk, Tread Softly is an alcohol brand focused on the environment. Basically, they’ll plant a tree in conjunction with Carbon Neutral Australia for every six bottles sold.

You can find a few styles from Tread Softly, including a Grenache, Merlot, Moscaot, Pinot Grigio, and two types of gin — dry and pink — and we’ve tried and liked the dry gin before. In that instance, the flowers brought us in, too, like a cute introduction with a delightful gin behind it, as well.

In Tread Softly’s Sauvignon Blanc, it’s not quite the same. The flavour is nice and simple, with hints of passionfruit, but not much more.

Tread Softly Sauvignon Blanc

A tropical aroma with a light flavour, this isn’t an overly complex wine. You won’t need to think too much about it.

And there’s not much alcohol, either, with a volume of 10.5% compared to the usual minimum of 12 you might expect from another Sav Blanc. Certainly, the least expensive hit that, making the Tread Softly Sav Blanc a low alcohol wine.

We’ve had more interesting sav blancs, and certainly almost anything from the Marlborough region is going to have more personality than this, but it’s still an easy drink.

Tread Softly Sauvignon Blanc (2021) review

Will you remember this drink tomorrow morning?

A simple Sav Blanc with an easy drinking style, Tread Softly's Sauvignon Blanc is an acceptable drop for an easy afternoon, before realising you can follow it up with a buzz of almost any other alcohol, or maybe even the company's gin.

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