Cider often comes with either a sweet apple or tart apple flavour, but it can also be a little heavy, making you feel bloated. Sky River’s cider changes that, but is it successful?

I’m not really a beer drinker, and I’ve never really understood the stuff. I can get into the German fruity beers, but really, if you find me drinking anything that looks like beer, there’s a pretty good chance it’s cider. In fact, it’ll definitely be cider.

But not every cider looks like beer. These days, many don’t, and many have a totally different structure and taste to beer entirely.

Sky River’s approach to cider definitely falls in that last category, but it also has a different flavour to cider. It’s much lighter, and flavoured or scented with something else.

Lighter in general than cider, Sky River Cider is what happens when cider goes on a diet, and is basically cider mixed with soda water and then an extra flavour.

Confused yet?

The back of the can.

It’s kind of like drinking one of those alcoholic seltzers, only mixed with cider. Kinda, sorta.

Take a sip of the Watermelon Sky River Cider and you’ll get a hint of watermelon, but more of a watered down cider flavour. It’s cider-like, but not really as strong as drinking a Strongbow, or any thing else.

This is a slightly watered down cider from Victoria with only 96 calories in a 330ml can and 4% alcohol, and that’s roughly it. The combination of cider and soda, won’t leave you feeling bloated like other ciders which is a positive, but it also lacks the strength or confidence of an actual cider.

It’s hard to place who this drink is for, but our guess is someone who loves cider, but doesn’t love the calories or bloaty feeling. There’s not a whole lot of flavour punch in the Sky River Cider & Soda we tried, but it’s just enough to get you feeling like you’re drinking cider, and feels more suited to a summery day of sorts.

Sky River Cider & Soda Watermelon review

Will you remember this drink tomorrow morning?

This isn't a cider we'd go out of our way to spend more time with, but we do appreciate that it didn't leave us feeling bloated. If cider normally gets to you as you drink it, you might be able to get through an entire four pack, but just be aware, the flavour isn't as impactful as you might expect.

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