Zeffer’s Apple Crumble Cider offers the taste of a delicious apple crumble as you down the amber beverage.

Dessert encapsulated in a bubbly drink for any season

We’re not sure how Zeffer has achieved what it has in this can, but it is nothing short of extraordinary. It’s almost as if the boffins in New Zealand watched Willy Wonka enough times and got stuck on the blueberry scene, where Wonka is trying to work out how to turn dinner and dessert into one sweet you can take.

That’s kind of what Zeffer’s Apple Crumble Cider is. While it won’t turn you blue like the failed blueberry pie from the fabled Wonka Chocolate Factory, it will give you the taste of a delicious apple crumble as you down the amber beverage, and it is genuinely surreal how good at replicating that flavour throughout.

Zeffer says that its cider “tastes exactly like freshly baked apple crumble with vanilla ice cream”, and it is spot on, even suggesting you try it with ice cream right there on the can. We did that, possibly a touch too literally, making an ice cream float out of the Apple Crumble Cider‚Ķ and don’t do that. It really doesn’t work. But having it alongside is quite lovely, or just having it straight.

We’re not entirely sure how Zeffer has made a cider that tastes spot on to a lovely warming winter dessert, but the Apple Crumble Cider has quickly become one of our favourite beverages and can be enjoyed all year round.

Zeffer Apple Crumble Cider review

Will you remember this drink tomorrow morning?

A drink you can happily enjoy all year round, you'll definitely remember Zeffer's Apple Crumble Cider the next morning. You'll remember it so much, you'll probably go and buy a few more packs!

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