Yet more of your youth in sweets comes to an alcohol drink, as Billson’s turns grape Hubba Bubba and Nerds into something with a bit of bite.

With a deep purple colour the likes of which few drinks of any kind have ever really been, let alone simply an alcoholic one, Billson’s Grape Bubblegum with Vodka will surprise. You’ll never look at the colour if you drink it straight from the can, but if you decide to, the colour will surprise. And not just you, but everyone else.

People around you will look at the hue and ask “is that a drink?” followed by “is there alcohol in that?” again followed by “no, really, is there alcohol in that?”, and you’ll smile politely and just say “yes… to all three”.

Of course, you’ll probably drink it straight from the can, but even then, you’ll be surprised.

Billson's Grape Bubblegum with Vodka

If you grew up smacking your tongue, teeth, and lips on grape Hubba Bubba or even pouring a box of grape Nerds into your mouth, the taste of Billson’s Grape Bubblegum with Vodka will be reminiscent of exactly that flavour. More specifically, it will remind you of the fake purple grape that our tongues all grew up with, back when lollies and sweets were king, and you would gaze longingly at the confectionary counter of your nearest local.

These days, you may not care about the confectionary, because you have other vices. Such as alcohol, which is exactly what Billson’s is producing in this drink.

Like its other lolly-inspired beverages, Grape Bubblegum is basically a drink made from the flavour of sweets, with a bit of mineral water and a splash of vodka thrown in for good measure.

There’s not much vodka, mind you, maxing out at 3.5 percent alcohol per 355ml can, which is barely enough to let your feel different, or even young again if that’s what you’re aiming for.

Rather, you’re drinking this for the flavour of your youth topped up with a little of what it’s like being an adult.

Billson's Grape Bubblegum with Vodka

In terms of flavour, Billson’s has nailed the deep fake grape flavour bubblegum and Nerds are both known for. It’s so thick and sickly sweet, you can smell it before the purple liquid hits your tongue. When it does, there’s a slight tartness to the back palate, almost like the grape was a sherbet or sour lolly, and that’s probably the mineral water making things easier to drink.

Like the Billson’s Fruit Tangle with vodka, this is an easy one to drink, and is basically akin to lolly water, but if that’s what you’re looking for, it’s an easy bevy, albeit one that might be too sweet to keep going back to.

Billson's Grape Bubblegum with Vodka review

Will you remember this drink tomorrow morning?

We'll definitely remember just how solid an imitation grape lolly water this one is, but Billson's Grape Bubblegum with Vodka is a touch too see to keep drinking for us. It's definitely fun, but not a regular beverage in this house.

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